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Next Edition Impact Record Pool/ The ILL Network DJ/Tastemakers Only Music Conference


This opportunity presents itself only once per quarter Don't miss your chance to access under one roof LA's most influential DJs and Tastemakers!!

Quarterly DJ/ Tastemakers Music Conference. Independents are you searching for support on your project? Look no further, this where you need to be!  Remember it all starts with the DJs.

Want to showcase new music or turn up the heat with an artist performance? Not a problem, we can make that happen. Time slots sell out fast, reserve yours now! 323-292-2022 for details or email: info@impactrecordpool.com.

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Who We've Promoted

Over the past 29 years with our members support, Impact Record Pool has received numerous multi-Platinum & Gold Records from artists such as...

AMG, Asante, Celly Cel, Destiny's Child, DJ Quik, Erykah Badu, E-Class, Fugees, Geto Boyz, Ice Cube, KRS 1, Lauryn Hill, LA Dream Team, Outcast, Lil' Zane, N2Deep, NAS, Naughty by Nature, Lil' 1/2 Dead, 2nd II None, Slick Rick, Snoop Dogg, The B-Side, Trick Daddy, Tyrese, Vertical Hold, Wu-Tang Clan, Xscape.....

The list goes on and on 'til da break a dawn!
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Who We've Promoted


"Hands down the best service a dj will ever use!" 

- DJ Curtis Harmon (Tokyo, Japan)

"The ILL Network is the most practical move for today's Digital DJ.  I used to waste tons of time and energy, searching for songs all over cyberspace.  You can't beat the variety of music....from the hottest new Hip--Hop, R&B to the smoothest Jazz, with almost everything in between.The ILL Network is my musical one-stop shop."

- Smoooth Dee, Tagg Team DJs & Sound/KJLH 102.3

"The ILL Network is emerging as the most dynamic resource for the Disc Jockey, from bedroom to mix to mobile to tour. It's vantage point is that of historic auhority. It's technology is at current pace....."

- DJ SurviveRead More Testimonials Testimonials


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"GWOP" FT. Skippa Da Flippa K_RYSHEEM

N'Kruma Henry aka Kumo (K_Rysheem) is a Hip Hop artist. He was born the youngest child of 6, on October 13, 1992 in Miami, FL. He was raised in South Florida, in the Richmond Heights area. Both of his parents, Jamaican Natives, came to America to peruse the “American Dream.” First moving to New York, then residing in Miami where K_Rysheem was born.

As a child K_Rysheem was infused with music from Bob Marley and Denis Brown to Al Green and Marvin Gay. Saturday morning cleaning meant mom playing records in the front room, filling the air with music, while each child completed their chore. At first Kumo dibbled and dabbled with music because of friends and family, but because Kumo was so athletic he invested most of his time in basketball, his first love. After his father grew ill with heart valve failure and had to undergo open heart surgery, K_Rysheem’s life changed drastically. His mother’s attention was on his father, and the tight restriction was lifted. Kumo had more freedom to roam the streets and get into trouble. As most teenagers, he didn’t deal well with the idea of possible losing his father, and he began getting into tons of trouble. He poured his feeling onto his notepad, and wrote songs about good times and making money. This was an escape from his reality and gave him the opportunity to release. Music is now his focus.

Working with producers like Will ah Fool, Zaytovan. Illusion and many more. K_Rysheem is motivated to be successful. He has many upcoming projects and more videos coming soon. “I gotta make it and put my parents on that hill in that big house. On God I know if my family comes together we will accomplish that empire. Family first!” says K_Rysheem.

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"Living Better Now"- jae mansa


Excessive bass; large 808 kicks; uninteresting rhymes defaming women; and exalting an obnoxious bravado surrounding money and fame.  This is the headache of the current copycat hip-hop culture permeating the airwaves in today’s mainstream music industry.  However, sifting deeper into the underground, we may be fortunate to find real treasure in hip-hop.  A sound that began as raw, and inspiring: a truly grassroots approach to music and lyricism.  Yes, artists and groups who stay true to the genre’s grounded ethos still exist, and yes, you have stumbled on some gold by finding North Carolina’s upcoming hip-hop/rap talent – JAE Mansa.

A two-man team comprising of two passionate hip-hop creatives, Daron “Jae” Johnson and Brandon “B” Boone,
their earthly sound is enveloped by a connected sense of family as both have grown up together as close cousins as they partnered through their musical development, as budding shorties to matured professionals

Influenced by yesterday’s legends, Jae Mansa is at the forefront of today’s revival, taking the stellar beats and rhymes from the likes of J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Fabolous, ‘B.I.G’, Jay Z, The Wu Tang Clan, and of course, 2Pac.  Like their predecessors, Jae Mansa features a uniquely down-to- earth sound, amalgamating raw storytelling, clever sampling, carefully sequenced rhythms, and authentic recording techniques. As a result, the pair have been signed to EOARN Entertainment Inc., an Atlanta-based record label dedicated to the rawer persuasion of hip-hop and rap.  Here, singles ‘Lazy’ and ‘I’m Wait N’ were released, along with ‘Smile’ and ‘New York New York’ as follow-up singles pending release.  From stories about the struggles of being an artist, to poking fun at modern hip-hop and rap, the duo surely impresses this classic brand of music-making, and seize the opportunity to express their true views and personal experiences with a very consciously, visceral approach.

So if you’re looking for more substance is your hip-hop and rap, then look no further than the boys of JAE Mansa – it is guaranteed to get you boppin’, and even have you reflect a little.

Website: www.jaemansamusic.com

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"BLACK FRIDAY" - dj quik

Black Friday by DJ Quik



Luce Cannon Born in south central Los Angeles, Luce Cannon lost his father to the cold prison walls of death row at an early age, leaving him to be raised by a single mother and the raging streets. Eventually the block became his family, which kept Luce in trouble and would soon land him behind the same walls that took his father’s life.  Fight after fight,  stabbing after stabbing, Luce knew this wasn’t the path he wanted for himself, but couldn’t figure the way out.

After being shot three times Luce realized it was time to look inside and reflect on his decisions.  At that point he had only two choices:  change his life or come to the realization that prison would become his new home, proving naysayers correct that he would continue what was known as his families’ generational curse.  Luce served two years in prison where he reinvented himself digging deep to find that he had a passion for music.  Taking everything he learned from the streets, Luce honed his talent and soon realized that his new found passion was his gift after all. After being released from prison in 2009, Luce was ready to take on the world… “I’d rather die by the pen than die behind prison walls”.

Luce’s hard work began to pay off when he signed a recording deal with Warner Brothers Records, but the relationship didn’t last long.  Luce left Warner and decided to take on the industry independently.  Luce now knows that music is his true purpose in life and vows to give it his all.  Luce wants to speak for his generation to let them know there are second chances as he introduces himself to the world.  Luce says, “I’m living proof that if you change your mind you change your life!” Sharing his story to many has open doors he could image. Thus far Luce has collaborated with successful artists such as platinum selling artists Rihanna, Snoop, The Game, Nas, 50 cent, and stays true to his Los Angeles roots as he records with the likes of Nipsey Hussle, Crooked I, YG, Jay Rock, G-Malone, 50 cent and more.  Luce is currently working on his up and coming studio album and his Auto-biography “The gun or the pen”.  There’s no telling what’s next for Luce Cannon “The future holds no limits if you know where I come from.”
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Dymond Johnson always knew she loved music, but as she grew up in Southern California she has found different ways to explore her love of music.  Dymond is fascinated by all areas of music, which prompted her to learn how to play the trumpet and violin, as well as creating some of her own artistic inspirations. 

At thirteen, she discovered that she enjoyed writing, whether it was poems or rap.   In high school she joined the school’s choir where she found her love for singing.  It was in high school that Dymond decided that she wanted nothing more than to pursue music.

Dymond began to take her rapping and singing to another level, no longer seeing it as a hobby but as something she wanted to make a career out of.  Always working towards the development of her craft, Dymond is becoming proficient with the guitar and furthering her writing abilities.  Dymond’s is full of life and wide-eyed about her future, which is demonstrated by her personal motto:  "I'd rather try something and hate it, before being left with a bunch of ‘what ifs’." She lives by these words and is constantly challenging herself to explore new possibilities. 

"M DOT" TAylor

LA Film School Interview with "M DOT" Taylor & manager HEN GEE
M Dot Taylor is a rising star making moves in the industry. The Film grad stopped by to discuss his accomplishments in the recording field, and what set him on the path to creating music. Mario is currently involved in several high-profile projects, including an album that is being executive produced by the legendary rapper, Ice-T. Read more

LA Film School Alumni Mario " M DOT" Taylor discusses working w/Rap Legend Ice T
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Juice by Skoolie Escobar


Black Montana




O.T. Genasis - CoCo (Video)

DJ Record Pool Service


Impact Record Pool offers a WEEKLY DGITAL MP3 DELIVERY service called "THE ILL NETWORK".
Simply, you will receive 80-100 songs in MP3 CD EVERY WEEK. It's the digital DJ and music professionals answer to the search for new music! Thru the ILL Network's Weekly MP3 disc, digital DJs and music pro's can view and play music with a simple point and click (fast and easy). Endless hours of searching and downloading are a thing of the past!!


"NO DOWNLOADS!" Impact Record Pool delivers music, NOT "links" to music. Why download one song at a time when you can receive on average 80-100 tracks in MP3 CD format weekly via U.S. mail or Zip file format. Simply load the disc then click which track to play. It's as simple as that! Remember, we are not online digital record pools who just provide download links.


Each track is numbered and noted with artist, title & label information. Clean, dirty, instrumental & acappella versions are noted as well. If you've long been in search of "classic" old-school R&B and hip-hop, git with us! We've got it!!


Most members are DJ's, along with remixers, producers and A&R rep's close behind. The ILL Network weekly service helps you "STAY ON TOP OF THE NEW MUSIC GAME!"

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YG at Impact record pool music conference

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